Photo of the Week – Willet

More than 300 species of birds have been observed at San Elijo Lagoon in Encinitas, California.  That’s about a third of North America’s bird species.  The lagoon is located about 30 miles north of downtown San Diego.  The Willet is just one of the many shorebirds that call the lagoon home.  The Willet forages in mud flats, pickleweed and the shallow waters of the lagoon.  These birds are very easy to spot in flight.  Just look for the black and white wings.

This photograph was taken this morning just after sunrise.  I have a favorite spot at the lagoon where I position myself about 250 yards past a bend in the lagoon.  This provides a good vantage point to see birds approaching and they will mostly fly along the water line.  Catching the photograph is just a matter of good positioning, waiting for a bird to fly by and maintaining focus.  Click, click, click, click.

I’ve visited the lagoon many times but for some reason I’ve had trouble getting a photograph of a Willet in flight that I was happy with.  Until today.

Willet flying over San Elijo Lagoon in Encinitas, California (Doug Oglesby)

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